Uncover the truth with video evidences

There are instances when video evidence is required to obtain the truth about someone’s behaviour or actions. Whilst CCTV is one option available to individuals and businesses, there may be more delicate situations that require a level of discretion which CCTV doesn’t afford.

Therefore, when a need of covert camera surveillance arises, it’s important to find an organisation that operates professionally and discreetly.

Experts in surveillance matters

At Allied Investigations, we are experts in surveillance matters, employing a team of experienced surveillance operatives who are experts in covert installation techniques and video analysis. We utilise cutting-edge video and audio technology to ensure that any footage gathered is of the highest quality and is as useful as possible.

Our team also follow legal and privacy guidelines, so as not to compromise any legal proceedings that may arise as a direct result of any surveillance operation. We can also assist our clients obtain the necessary court approval for any operation.

The Allied Investigations covert camera surveillance service includes:

  • A clear strategy derived from a client briefing on the situation;
  • Installation (and removal, when appropriate) of covert surveillance equipment at a predetermined location;
  • Provision of clearly documented footage; and,
  • Continued communication as progress is made.

If you’re someone who requires our covert camera surveillance services, then get in touch with the team here in Allied Investigations today. Simply call us at 02 9635 0477 or email us at info@alliedinvestigations.com.au, and let us help you get the information you need.