Have you been the victim of criminal action, and felt that the investigation was poorly handled by law enforcement services? It’s possible that some investigations by Police aren’t assigned with the appropriate amount of resources to get a definitive and just result which will require further investigation.

A common belief is that the law enforcement services (state Police, Australian Federal Police, etc.) are the only avenues available when it comes to criminal investigations. However, it’s important to know that there are alternative solutions available, beyond the traditional services.

Allied Risk Solutions provides the alternative solution.

We have a team of investigators who are highly proficient in dealing with criminal matters. Specifically, our team will investigate a criminal matter thoroughly and professionally, to help uncover the truth. Our investigation service includes:

  • Collection of witness statements;
  • Surveillance of person(s)-of-interest;
  • Gathering of evidence pertinent to the case; and,
  • Forensic services.


Our team operate within the boundaries of the law, so as not to undermine any potential legal proceedings that may arise as a result of any investigation. They also operate discreetly when dealing with delicate matters, and ensure clients are continually informed as progress is made.

If you have been involved in a case that requires further investigation, then contact us today at 02 9635 0477 or via info@alliedrisk.com.au. Our team will sit down with you to understand the situation better that has unfolded and will work towards getting a fair outcome for all involved.