Fraud is a broad and complicated matter, where a person or persons look to benefit financially or cause loss from criminal or deceptive behaviour.

There are thousands of different ways that fraud can be committed, however there is always one element that remains the same – poor planning or ineffective systems that allow for fraud to occur.

At Allied Risk Solutions, we approach fraud from two sides. Firstly, if a fraudulent act has been committed, we can investigate and compile evidence against the person or persons responsible, helping to bring justice.

Secondly, we analyse your current systems and help identify potential weaknesses in your operations that may be vulnerable to fraudulent activities. We can then provide advice on how to strengthen those systems, and increase your operational security.

Internal Fraud

When running an organisation, a lot of trust is placed in those that work for you. Unfortunately, there are instances that occur where a seemingly trustworthy employee leverages their knowledge of organisational procedures to obtain a financial benefit or cause a loss.

Our Allied Risk Solutions team will help identify any vulnerabilities in your process, so that should the worst occur and an employee tries to undermine the system, you have safeguards in place to protect your business.

External Fraud

Any fraud that originates from parties outside the business are what we classify as external. Any deceptive or criminal act that originates externally tend to target individuals in order to obtain private or sensitive information that can be used to do harm to a business and result in financial gain.

As such, the key to avoiding external fraud is training and vigilance. The Allied Risk Solutions team will train you how to identify potential attacks on the business and what to do if you suspect malicious intent from an external party.

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