When an employee suffers a workplace injury, it is important that the matter is dealt with respectfully and efficiently. All parties involved have a responsibility to ensure that the employee receives the right rehabilitation and compensation, so that they can return to workplace and continue to perform at their optimal level once again.

Traditionally, it is the responsibility of an insurer to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that both the employer and employee are clear on what it is that they are required to provide as part of the recovery process.

This includes determining the severity of the injury, the rehabilitation/medical requirements, and the level of compensation (if any) that an employee is entitled to.

However, should an employer ever feel that an insurer failed to perform the investigation to a high standard, or that the employee(s) in question haven’t been honest, nor meeting their rehabilitation obligations, then it is important to know that alternative investigative services are available.

The team here at Allied Risk Solutions can conduct thorough investigations into workers compensation claims, so that employers can receive the peace of mind that the matter has been dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Our team will help determine the validity of a worker’s compensation claim, and ensure that matter is resolved efficiently and effectively.

If you are an employer, and have a worker’s compensation matter that you would like investigated, then please get in touch today and have a chat to the team here at Allied Risk Solutions. We’re available either by phone (02 9635 0477) or via email (info@alliedrisk.com.au).