Any business owner will tell you just how difficult it is to establish and run a profitable business. For some, the key to having a successful business is a patented product or service, which relies on its individuality to create a competitive edge.

That’s why it is more important than ever to ensure your intellectual property remains solely yours, and it’s not appropriated by a competitor looking to undermine your business.

So, how can Allied Risk Solutions help protect your property?

Our service includes:

  • Competitor surveillance;
  • Mystery shopping; and,
  • Undercover operations.

We will investigate any instance where you believe a competitor is unlawfully using your patented/trademarked product or service. During our investigation, we ensure that all practices are performed within the boundaries of the law, so that should legal action be required based upon our findings, it doesn’t jeopardise your legal case.

If you’re someone who suspects that your intellectual property is being used without your permission, then get in touch with the team here at Allied Risk Solutions today. Simply call us on 02 9635 0477 or email us at, and let us help you remain in control of your property.