Investigative Services for Complex Legal Matters

When it comes to complex legal matters, there is often a requirement for substantial investigative work, in order to obtain the truth or gain a greater understand of events that have unfolded.

As a solicitor/legal counsel, understanding the whole picture can help ensure justice is being carried out on behalf of your client.

At Allied Investigations, we offer comprehensive investigative services for legal representatives/legal firms, to help obtain the truth and to get a strong understanding of an event or events that have taken place.

Our team of qualified and experienced legal investigators can assist with:

  • Obtaining interviews;
  • Background checks;
  • Surveillance of key participants;
  • Securing statements by witnesses/persons-of-interest; and,
  • The provision of forensic services.

As experts in risk solutions, our team follow strict legal procedures to ensure nothing compromises the integrity of the case, or undermines the efforts of those seeking justice. All gathered evidence is treated with the utmost care and respect, and is delivered in a manner that is clear and concise for anyone wishing to review it.

We operate with transparency when engaging with any of our clients, and will work as directed to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you have a case that requires more clarity, then contact us today on 02 9635 0477 or via Our team will sit down with you to get an understanding of the legal matter at hand, and work with you to determine the best strategy.