Infidelity / Cheating Partner Investigations

We take any accusation/suspicion of infidelity extremely seriously, ensuring to handle it with complete discretion. These are extremely sensitive matters, and we operate with a high degree of transparency with our client(s) so that the facts are clearly presented.

You may think you have the perfect relationship, but how can you be really sure? If you have a suspicion that all is not well, we can find out the truth. We discreetly investigate if there is anything going on that you should be aware of. If your concerns are not justified, we can allay your concerns with the facts. However if you are correct and there is some infidelity, we can supply you with the evidence. Either way, you can determine what is really going on without raising alarm bells or having to ask difficult questions of your spouse.

Clues that there may be a change in the relationship:

  • Arriving late home, more often than usual without an explanation.
  • Showing a behaviour that is more protective or secretive about their actions and activities.
  • They might be getting more aggressive or defensive for no apparent reason.
  • Keeping their phone and / or laptop out of sight and reach.
  • Constantly checking social media (facebook, snapchat, tweets), emails and SMS’s.

If you do have concerns about your relationship, do not react without sufficient justification. If you suspect there is a change in the relationship with your partner, you need a professional and thorough Investigative Service that can deliver hard evidence.

All our Investigators are Police approved, CAPI licensed and operate under a strict confidentiality agreement to ensure your total privacy.

We make use of the latest investigative techniques and procedures. Any evidence collected is supplied to you at the end of the job.

We have a wide network of professional investigators giving us a National coverage.